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John C Campbell Folk School Floorcloth Workshop April 2009

Monday, July 27th, 2009
A Sample of Our Finished Work!

A Sample of Our Finished Work!

The first time I went to visit the John C Campbell Folk School was magical.  Located west of Asheville in the far corners of North Carolina it felt like I was driving to the ends of the earth.  The location is beautiful, surrounded by foothills and nestled in a gigantic pasture.  That first summer I was there during dance musicians week and I went to the dance every night to try to develop some skills for contra dancing.  I had no idea how to contra dance and I was struggling with dizziness.  My goal was to stay a little longer each night and keep trying!   I finally managed to stay a whole dance by the end of the week.

The food is delicious and after a while we would joke about how frequently we ate!  Dancing helped burn off the calories.  And there were always interesting things to do at night visiting the other studios.

This year I returned in April 2009 and finally have the opportunity to share the work my students did during our week of painting.  As you can see each student completed several pieces and everyone of them was different.  We had a large class and most had not painted in years and some had never painted.  But everyone had a great time and all were painters when they left.  We painted and sang during the day and cried when it was time to leave.

I usually return every year and I hope you will be at the next workshop!  Just check my website for dates and contact information.