When They Fly the Coop!

It is really fun to make painted rugs especially when I get to see them living in someone’s favorite room.  Its a little like sending your children off into the world.  Each painting is a story from a few days or weeks in my life and in my studio.  Today I was delighted to receive a photo of one of the rugs I made earlier this year which now resides in my customer’s home.  She has a lively porch and she wanted her rug to be fun.  She wanted Roosters and Guinea Hens and lots of color.  The painting evolved from there.  Getting a picture is a little like a letter from your child away in school.  My customers laugh when I tell them my rugs are like my children and I am sending them out into the world.  They live happy lives with other people and I get nice reports now and then.  I am thrilled when my rugs fly the coop and land in someone’s home.

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  1. Jay says:

    Cool Rug~Funny title~

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