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Sprinkle Fairy Dust Everywhere You Can!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

When I walked into the side yard yesterday, I realized a little spider left a special calling card hanging in the air.  There it was, suspended in space and only slightly tethered to a tree, an enormous spider web covered in dew.  It looked like a snowflake dangling over my head.  It was a gift. 

Do you ever think about our gifts and how we spread them around the world?  Everybody has something special that we contribute to our little universe.  This spider left a beautiful web.  Mine happens to be painting rugs. 

I recently delivered a new floorcloth to my friend and several days later I was just staring at it over dinner.  It looked really awesome!  I was struck by the life that the room had taken on with a painted rug on the floor.  It was almost magical.  (Except of course I remembered all the work that went into creating it!)  I think there is some magic when the creative process takes over.  And I like to think that its a little like fairy dust.  You can’t really see it but you know there is energy in the air.  Its just a thought, but I am going to sprinkle fairy dust everywhere I can!p9220847