I Love Getting Mail!

cooperfloorcloth2I love getting mail!  This came to me recently.

Hi Kathy,

Back in the late 1980′s, when I lived in D.C., I saw one of your
floorcloths on the cover of the Sunday Washington Post magazine
insert. I loved the cloth and kept looking at it. Finally weeks later
I called you to see if you had anything like it available for sale and
to my surprise you said that cloth was still available, and more to my
surprise I could afford it ($100)! So, it became my first purchased
original artwork, which I have loved ever since.

Unfortunately I didn’t save the article, which I would love to have.
In fact, I didn’t even remember you first name, or what the piece
was…I only knew it was meant to go on the floor. A few days ago I
saw an article in our little town newspaper (I now live in a small
midwest town, population about 9500) for a class on making
“floorcloths”, so I went and took your piece. I was telling everyone
the story behind it and as we were all oooing and aahhhing over it a
late class member walked in and pulled out a book and lo and behold,
it had the name Kathy Cooper on it. Some of the cloths had a similar
feel to the one I have-we were all flabbergasted…mystery solved!
I went to your website to see if the article was listed there but
don’t see it. Do you have a copy or know the date of it so I can hunt
down a copy? I’d love to have it. The date on the floorcloth is 1984.
Best Wishes,


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