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You Never Know Who You Will Meet!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

dc-booth-shotI am just back from The Washington Craft Show in D.C.  I love going to D.C.  It used to be my favorite city in college because the sky is big and the buildings are short.  Years later it became my truly favorite city because my children flew in from Korea to National Airport, and that was where I first met them.  So going to craft shows in D.C. is just extra fun.  And you never know who you are going to meet at a craft show.  Usually it is a friend of your mother or your sister or some long lost relative.  This time I met the babysitter of my neighbor across the street!  And then Susan Rice stopped by.  Well technically, I met her last year when the election was just over and she was doing some shopping.  She never mentioned the campaign last year but the next day while I was reading USA Today I saw her name as one of Obama’s top advisors.  When I returned home I asked my neighbors (both attorneys)  if they had ever heard of her.  They told me she was frequently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.  But of course I was not really sure until the day she was appointed Ambassador to the U.N.   So this year I was thrilled when she stopped by and shared how much she was enjoying her floorcloth.  Even her mother, who had been skeptical about its durability, chimed in that she liked it too!  It was great fun seeing them and hopefully she will take some postcards to the White House.  So you just never know who you might meet at a craft show.   Just in case you aren’t up on politics here is a clip of Susan Rice on Jon Stewart a few days before I saw her.