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Birds fly south to Florida!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Ever wonder why the birds like Florida?  Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Miami.  Like everyone else I was sick of the snow so it was great fun to do a few outdoor shows in a sunny climate.  In between the two weekends I went to Key Largo for a few days of rest, reading and general relaxtion.  Last year I found this great little motel that must have been one of the old ones from the 50′s.  It was on the Gulf and had a beautiful yard full of fruit trees, flowers and hammocks.   I had a few days on the beach to soak up the sun and finish two books, The Outliers and Gift from the Sea. My mornings were slow, lying in bed eating manchego cheese and fig bread, watching a recap of the winter olympics.  Then it was off to Starbucks for coffee.  Birds are pretty smart.