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Living with Color!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

p51012661After my studio sale earlier this month I had the opportunity to help a client pick some color to add to her new home.  It was great fun!  First we walked through her house looking at her favorite art work while she told me stories about her husband and her previous homes.  Then we sat down in her living room to find a color that she liked.  The goal was to find a grey green to set off her antiques and make her trim look whiter.  We worked our way through each room that way and then I told her to get samples and try them on the wall.  Before I left we went to the basement and I pulled out the paints she needed to keep and the ones she could let go of.   I returned for a visit after the painters were finished and it was such a change.  Her home was now filled with energy including the colorful red wall in her hallway.