Getting in Touch with your Inner Child

July 19th, 2011

   I always begin my workshops with a short introduction where each student tells a little about how they spend their days, what they are really good at and why they love doing it and how they envision spending their next life.  It does not really have anything to do with what kind of job they have because the idea is to understand whether they are spending their days in activities that energize them and make them happy.  Are they in touch with their inner child and discovering the world around them?

One of my favorite places to rediscover my inner child is at the John C Campbell Folk School.  I taught a floorcloth class there last week .  My daughter says it’s just like camp.   I learned to contra dance there and continue to enjoy it.  I relearned to waltz there and took a few turns this time around encouraging other non-waltzers to take a spin on the dance floor.  We had a waltz one night that had a bit of tango mixed in and I was fortunate to have a fabulous partner for that one.

We went to morning song every day and learned some new sing-a-long songs.  One song inspired my student to create a painting about the story of the catepillar who longed to be a butterfly.    There was music everyday on the porch before lunch and of course the delicious meals and conversations with all kinds of interesting people.

I encourage my students to come with ideas of pieces they would like to paint so that they can use their floorcloths when they return home.  We always get an interesting mix of designs and each one is fabulous.

I hope you will join us the next time you are looking to fire up your creativity.  Every day is a new discovery and you will be in touch with skills you didn’t know you had!