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Life is so Exciting!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Some days I wake up and feel like its my birthday because I am so excited from the energy that is swirling around me!  Today I am finally launching as a printed version of my paintings.  We have been working for months on the product and then my incredibly talented web designer just took the information and created an amazing web link.

Tonight I am teaching a workshop to homeowners at Habitat.  I am really excited to meet them and hear about their ideas.  We are focusing on the family table and I get to share some of my ideas about the value of a shared meal.  We will be painting placemats and talking about how to get those kids engaged, eating healthy food and talking.  Its going to be fun and I am thrilled that Piedmont Craftsmen is partnering with Habitat to work with the homeowners.

Next month I will be returning to John C Campbell Folk School to teach a week long workshop on painting.  Its dance musicians week so I think its the best week of the summer.  There will be a contra dance every night!  The first year I taught there I was determined to learn how to contra.  The first night’s dance almost did me in.  The caller was visiting from Scotland and I could not understand a word of his call.  It sounded very melodic but the words just floated over my head.  But I kept going every night and eventually I caught on!

I have also been painting some interesting pieces for customers all over the US.  I love hearing from them and enjoy designing for their homes.  So life is good!  Please check out my new web link for KathyCooperYogaMats and tell your friends.  And if you have time to travel to the far reaches of the North Carolina mountains please come paint with me in July.  The scenery is stunning, the food is delicious, you will make new friends and take home fabulous memories.  And the painting will inspire you!