Buy It Now ... Printed Art Floor Mat Circle Flower Mandala Design

Buy It Now ... Printed Art Floor Mats

Kathy Cooper Art Floor Mat Circle Mandala Design

Printed Art Floor Mat Circle Flower Mandala Design

The Floral Mandala is available in sizes up to 48 inches wide. This floor painting, perfect for your entryway, will greet you with color like the ancient art of Rangoli.

Thickness: 1/4" (6.2 mm)
Dimensions: 48"x 48"

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Other Sizes Available in this Design

Flower Mandala 2x3 Floor Mat

Flower Mandala 2x6 Runner

Kathy Cooper printed padded art mats are perfect for your kitchen, bath or any place in your home where you need a pop of color and art. Get original art for your floor! The non skid padded backing provides comfort under foot and is ¼" thick (6.2mm). Now in the second generation these runners are even more durable and easier to clean. Each art floor runner is printed with environmentally safe inks on durable faux leather to simulate painted rugs. Easy to clean ... simply wipe with a damp sponge and mild soap…dry with a clean lint free cloth.