Care and Use of All Floorcloths

Care and Use of All Floorcloths Painted Rugs in the Home

Care and Use of All Floorcloths Painted Rugs in the Home

"Directions for cleaning Hayward's Figured Cloths. Take a Sponge or Cloth, and wash them well with soft Water; then rub them quite dry with a clean Cloth ~ When very dirty, use a soft Scrubbing Brush and a lather of Soap; always wash the Soapy Water clean off, and rub them dry, as before directed."

From the scrapbook, Manufactures & Arts of the 18 centuary [sic], compiled by Robert Barnes, 1857, and preserved in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Choosing a Home for Your Floorcloth

A floorcloth is a rug well suited for any room with a floor such as wood, linoleum, concrete and some types of tile. They are fine on a Berber style carpet but not a plush carpet.

Installing Your Floorcloth

Clean the space well to avoid dirt under your floorcloth. Use flat on the floor. If it is under a table use clear coasters to protect the surface, and for chairs use felt pads on the feet.

How to Clean Your Floorcloth

Clean your floorcloth with a dry dust mop or shake off the dirt. (A vacuum is fine, but not the beater bar!) Sweep up the dirt under your floorcloth.

Wipe clean or Damp mop with mild soap. (Nothing sticky or harsh. I prefer wood floor soaps or vinegar and water). A spray wet mop works well.

Do not scrub.

Wipe dry with a soft cloth if needed.

Moving and Storing Your Floorcloth

Store flat. If your floorcloth is large you will need to roll it onto a 6" diameter pipe to avoid ripples. (Plastic pipes are available at the home supply store).

Do not fold or bend your floorcloth.

For Painted Floorcloths only

Allow the paint to reach room temperature before unrolling as it will get stiff with the cold weather. Painted floorcloths also have a layer of paste wax on the paint which can be replaced with age.