How to Choose ... What is the difference between Hand Painted and Printed Floorcloths

Kathy Cooper Hand Painted Floorcloths

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Kathy Cooper Art Floor Mats Kitchen Bath Rugs Painted Padded Rug House Home

I am frequently asked what is the difference between a hand painted floorcloth and a printed floorcloth?

A painted floorcloth can come the way you want it. I can design to the space with colors and a size that you need. The painted floorcloth is more vibrant in color and has a longer life span. It can also be touched up after wear.

A printed floorcloth comes the way you see it. Size is limited by the printer and design or color changes add additional fees. The printed floorcloth has a shorter lifespan (depending on use) The binding can be repaired but not the ink.

Hand Painted

Hand painted work comes in any size up to 10 feet wide Pricing for a painted floorcloth is based on $65 per square foot (Length x width x $65) You can email or call me to discuss what you are interested in. A design fee of $175 is charged for the drawing time. Once we have confirmed the size, price and the design I will request a 50% down payment to start painting. These are hand painted so the time to produce it varies on the size and my schedule.

Many of my customers come back for additional painted rugs because they are so durable. I have been able to track my work in use for thirty years and often get to see some of the older pieces. They look terrific! Investment in a hand painted piece will reward you with years of enjoyment.

"Received it yesterday. Love it! The colors are perfect and so vibrant. The painted version is well worth the extra money."

Printed (Buy it Now)

Printed work is now available in several sizes including 24"x37", 24"x72", 24"x96", 48"x72" and 48" circles. Not all designs come in every size.

Each design is a reproduction of an original painting. Simply click on Simply click on the Buy It Now tab and place your order.

A different size or color requires computer time but ask and I will quote the additional charge.

The printed floorcloth offers some favorite paintings at substantially lower prices. The surface is ink embedded in a synthetic. They have been wear tested and UV tested with good results but they will not last as long as a painted floorcloth. Longevity will depend on how they are used. The heavy traffic area will wear out faster than the lighter traffic area. Rough shoes versus bare feet makes a difference too!

"We love it! It is beautiful on the dark hardwood floors!"

"It makes me happy everyday!"