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The Cottage Journal
Spring 2013

A Brilliant Bungalow (pdf)
A Brilliant Bungalow (magazine web site)

Arti-Zen Magazine
May 2012

Beauty from the Floor Up (pdf)
Beauty from the Floor Up (magazine web site)

Yes Weekly
October 2011

Cooper gives new life to everyday objects in Floor Cloths & Yoga Mats exhibit

Winston-Salem Monthly
January 2008

Feature article: Floor Plans and Floorcloths, Art and craft in historic Washington Park

Relaxation: Travel & Leisure for the NC Physician
January 2007

Art for your floors

Winston-Salem Monthly
October 2006

Locally crafted: Kathy Cooper

Winston-Salem Journal
August 1, 2006

Got It Covered

Raleigh News & Observer
May 13, 2006

Artistry under foot

Spring 2005

Art in the Park

Country Almanac
Fall 2003

Painted floorcloths


Better Homes and Gardens: Home Ideas
Fall/Winter 2000

"Fun Under Foot"


The Crafts Report
October 2000

"Profile in Success: Kathy Cooper,
Covering New Ground in Floorcloths"


The Boston Globe Magazine: Your Home
September 24 2000

"Finders Keepers: More on the Floor"

Surface Design
Spring 2000

Floorcloth Forum Premieres in North Carolina

Where Atlanta
March 1998

Cover art and feature


Woman's Day - Walls, Windows & Floors
Volume X, Number 2